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    Alternativa a YTD (Youtube Downloader) per Mac e PC  –

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    YTD Video Downloader is a free downloader to download videos from YouTube and more. It also supports other sites such as Vimeo, Youku, Facebook and other video sharing sites. However, for some time now YTD YouTube Downloader no longer works stably and you may experience them anomalies like these:

    > An error message may appear stating that the desired video cannot be downloaded
    > Sometimes the video is downloaded without the audio track
    > YTD Video Downloader does not work in case of YouTube updates
    > YTD is a program that does not allow (in its free version) to download multiple videos from Youtube at the same time.
    > YTD is a youtube downloader available only for Windows PC and not Mac!

    All these "limitations" and problems are leading many people to find a 'alternativa a YTD Youtube Downloader. Below we want to report what we currently consider the best "video downloader" on the market: we are talking about AllMyTube, a tool compatible with both Windows and Mac, which allows you to download videos from Youtube, Vevo, Vimeo, and hundreds of other online video sites.

    The strengths of AllMyTube are two:

    1. Very fast conversion speed (triple compared to other youtube downloader programs)
    2. Great quality of the downloaded video (also supports download in 4K format!)
    3. Very simple to use

    Download AllMyTube for Mac or AllMyTube for Windows now from the following links:


    Guide to the use of AllMyTube, best Youtube Downloder of the moment

    Step 1. Log in to YouTube and search for videos to download

    Step 2. Download videos from YouTube

    When playing the video, a button "Download”At the top of the video itself. Clicking on it will start the download immediately.

    Alternatively, you can copy the Youtube video URL in the address bar and click on "+ Paste URL”To proceed with the download

    After clicking on PASTE URL you can decide the format of the video or audio track to download and its quality

    Step 3. [Optional] Video Conversion

    After downloading the video from youtube (or other sites), through AllMyTube you can make the immediate conversion of the file in order to transfer and view the video on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. To do this conversion, all you have to do is access the downloaded videos section and click on "Converted”At the video to convert.

    That's all! What are you waiting for to try this great Youtube Downloader for Mac and Windows?


    Alternativa a YTD (Youtube Downloader) per Mac e PC  –

    Audio Video Alternativa a YTD (Youtube Downloader) per Mac e PC  –
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