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    MALWARE is that file or content that is potentially dangerous for your computer system. The term MALWARE not only refers to common "viruses" but also to other types of files that can cause some damage to the computer or cause the theft or loss of personal data. Here are the main types of "malware" that you need to defend against every day:

    • Virus- files that cause the destruction of files and system information
    • Worm: dangerous files that automatically pass from an infected computer to other non-infected ones
    • Trojan- files used by hackers to remotely take over your computer and steal information
    • spyware: files that "spy" on everything that happens on a computer
    • Phishing: Fraudulent email messages that aim to steal credit card information
    • Ransomware: files that hackers use to lock your computer or documents and then ask for a "cash ransom"

    These are just some of the types of “malware” mentioned above and if your computer is not properly protected, your privacy and personal data are seriously at risk.

    So how to protect yourself? All the best Antivirus for PC they already have an anti-malware system inside them. But there are also programs designed specifically to work as "Anti-Malware" and below we want to report the 5 best Anti Malware 2020 for PC and Mac.

    #1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a program specially designed to find and permanently delete more or less dangerous files and programs.
    Among the less dangerous “malware” are those files that redirect your homepage, change the default search engine, add toolbars to the browser, place sponsored links on the desktop, etc… so even if not dangerous they are particularly annoying. Between files more dangerous malware that this program can quickly block instead there are those that can compromise your privacy or steal information from your PC.

    Right after you have downloaded and installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your computer you can decide the scan type to be carried out. The “search for harmful items” is the recommended scan because it allows you to immediately find dangerous files currently on your system and remove them.

    From the official website you can download a free trial version for 14 days. Once these days have expired, the real-time scanning it is no longer guaranteed and is required purchase the premium license to continue to be protected in real-time.

    During scans, Malwarebytes Anti-malware checks your PC's memory, startup files, registry and file system ... then performs a full search which should detect any dangerous programs currently running or ready to be launched the next time you restart your computer. It will take some time for the scan to finish but it is definitely worth it because if you have noticed that your PC or browser is behaving strangely, it is very likely that there are hidden malware in the system.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware It is available in both Windows PC and Mac OS versions, and is currently the No. 1 program to search for and eliminate malware from your computer.

    #2. iObit Malware Fighter

    The full version of Malware Fighter has a promotional cost of only € 29 including VAT from this page.

    #3. Panda Global Protection

    Panda Global Protection is one of the best antivirus for PC that also offers effective protection against all types of malware. After installing and starting the program, you can immediately go and scan system files for malware and viruses of all kinds.

    Any dangerous files found will be immediately neutralized and placed in "quarantine".

    In addition to analyzing files on the PC, with Panda Global Protection it is also possible to activate protection "anti-malware”From USB devices. In recent times, USB devices have been the primary carriers of malware, infecting computers immediately after being connected to the USB port. With Panda, all this will be avoided upstream.

    The cost? It is possible to license this Antivirus + Antimalware at a price of 29.99 / year (already discounted by 50%) from This Page

    #4. Norton Security

    Norton Security is another good solution that acts not only as an antivirus but also as a anti-malware. It protects against computer viruses, spam, social networking dangers, phishing, identity theft, ransomware and other online threats.

    From the Norton Security main screen, you can immediately turn on PC protection and do one quick scan to clean up the system by removing all dangerous files (including malware).

    Main program screen:

    From the section "Personal Info”Instead, it is possible to optimize the security system to avoid the theft of personal data, block spam and pishing, and protect yourself from links and threats that run on social networks (facebook in primis).

    Norton Security is available in 3 versions: Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Click below to see the differences and take advantage of the available discounts:

    With Norton Security you can protect both yours PC Windows, that yours Mac or Android / iOS device.

    #5. BitDefender Total Security

    The “BitDefender Total Security” package is the one that offers one of the most effective “anti malware” systems. Inside, a three-level security model is used:

    1. The first level uses URL filtering, antispam, antiphishing and online threat detection technologies to identify malware before it reaches your computer or device.
    2. The second layer uses heuristics, emulation, and generic signatures to detect malware that may have not been seen.
    3. The third monitors the behavior of the files and blocks them if anything abnormal is detected

    Here is the main screen of BitDefender Total Security:

    BitDefender TOTAL Security has a cost (in promotion) is 39.99 € / year for 5 devices. Click here to take advantage of the promotion.






    Best Anti Malware 2021 for PC and Mac -

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