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    Convert and Save Songs from Spotify on PC (for offline use) -

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    When it comes to online streaming platforms (both video and audio) like Youtube, Spotify just to name the most popular, the question always arises as to how to download those multimedia contents on your PC and then use them offline or to play them on our other devices. Before seeing how it is possible to do such a save operation, and in more detail how convert and save songs from Spotify, let's try to shed some light on whether this practice is legal or not.

    Music streaming services have been the subject of much controversy. If you are wondering if it is legal to download music from Spotify, the answer is “ni“. Copyright laws state that using the work without the owner's permission is illegal. And some Spotify songs and playlists have copyright. But the artists give away and provide the songs for download on the Internet for free. So it's technically legal. We analyze what is legal and illegal under copyright law.

    Downloading copyrighted songs that artists have been available for download is legal. In this case, the artist is allowing free distribution of their works. They publish it independently and control the distribution. Therefore, downloading a song from the Spotify application is legal. They have several songs available, all copyrighted, for offline use. To be able to download songs from Spotify you need to have an account PREMIUM and install the relevant app on your phone.

    It is not legal
    Downloading songs or playlists that you don't own the copyright of is illegal. You are in possession of copyrighted material once downloaded. To remain in the legality, you must comply with the restrictions on the use of music. For example, music is just for personal use. You cannot profit from it. By downloading these songs from Spotify, you agree to any restrictions on the music. Downloading music for commercial use is illegal.

    Having said that we see a great solution to download music from Spotify without a subscription and for personal / offline use

    #1. Allavsoft Downloader

    Download and install Allavsoft Downloader on your Windows PC or Mac from the links below:


    After installation you will see this interface:

    Now search for the songs on Spotify that you want to download. For this search you can use both the Spotify software and the Spotify web version ( Once you have found the song (or playlist) right click and then click on SHARE -> "Copy track link"Or"Copia link playlist"As shown in the figure below:

    Return to the Allavsoft window and paste the link above.

    Finally, click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom right

    At the end of the download you will be able to access the folder where you will find the songs downloaded in MP3 format (click on the folder icon at the top to access it).

    #2. Save and Convert MP3 from Spotify on Mac with iMusic

    If you have a Windows or macOS computer we recommend using the iMusic app. You can download it from the following link (for PC or Mac)


    Install and launch the app on your Mac and you will see this initial interface:

    Now go to Spotify (software or web version) and search for the songs to save on your computer. For each of them click with the right mouse button and then select COPY LINK

    Then return to the iMusic app, access the tab DOWNLOAD and in the box in the center of the program, copy and paste the link of the music file to convert and save.

    Click on the button DOWNLOAD (green button to the right of the box) to start saving the audio track in MP3 format.

    That's it!


    Convert and Save Songs from Spotify on PC (for offline use) -

    Audio Video Convert and Save Songs from Spotify on PC (for offline use) -
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