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    Download and Save Twitter Videos to PC / Mac with AllMyTube -

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    After seeing how download videos from Facebook and how download videos from Instagram, we just have to see how they can download videos from Twitter on PC and Mac, so you can reuse those movies in other ways or burn them to DVD / Blu-ray or share them more easily (and offline) with friends and family.

    Also in this case the application for PC and Mac that is called comes to the rescue AllMyTube. It is a program originally born as a "youtube downloader" but over time it has turned into a "video downloader" universal in the sense that in addition to Youtube it supports hundreds and hundreds of other streaming video sites for downloading various videos and movies. Even the various social networks are supported by this program to be able to save any video on your computer, in the desired format.

    We see below the simple steps to follow to download videos from Twitter on a Windows PC or Mac.

    Download and Save Twitter Videos to PC / Mac with AllMyTube

    Step 1. Download and install AllMyTube on your PC or Mac

    Below you will find the links from which you can download the free trial version of AllMyTube. With this version you will be able to understand how the software works and download a number of videos from Twitter. If you want to download UNLIMITED videos from Twitter you will need to license the program. Here are the download buttons on PC or Mac:


    After installing the program, this initial window will open:

    Step 2. Search Twitter videos you want to download and save to your computer

    Now access the site of TWITTER, through your browser (chrome, firefox, edge, ...) and log in to your account by entering your email and password.

    Alternatively, you can access twitter directly through the AllMyTube program, from the ONLINE section (tab at the bottom left of the program)

    Once logged into Twitter you will dot search for the video to download, by accessing the relevant page

    On the page containing the movie or video clip, you will need to click on it with the right mouse button and select "Copy link address"As highlighted in the image below:

    Step 3. Download and save Twitter videos on PC or Mac

    Return to the main AllMyTube screen and click on the button at the top PASTE URL

    The program will automatically analyze the link and immediately start downloading the video to your computer

    When the download finishes, the video goes to the “Downloaded“ section. Here you can select it with the right mouse button and click on “Open File Location” to access the folder containing the video itself.

    In addition to downloading and saving videos from Twitter you can, always through AllMytube, do two other interesting operations:

    1. Convert the downloaded video in the format you want
    2. Transfer directly the video from the computer to your mobile phone (iOS or Android)

    Both the functions described above are accessible from the left of the program and are really simple and intuitive to use.



    There would also be the solution (a little more cumbersome) of opening the source code of the page and going to detect the url of the video published on Twitter (usually in MP4 format) ... once you find it just copy it in the address bar and give Enter ...

    • Yes, feasible but as you said .. solution for the most geeks 🙂

    Download and Save Twitter Videos to PC / Mac with AllMyTube -

    Audio Video Download and Save Twitter Videos to PC / Mac with AllMyTube -
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