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    When it comes to e-readers, you can't help but think about devices KINDLE created and sold by Amazon. Together with the iPad, the Kindle represents the most popular device for reading ebooks and not only. There are different types of Kindles, each with specific characteristics and always affordable prices. We have for example the Kindle Paperwhite (flagship device), the Kindle Voyage (ultra light), Kindle Oasis (waterproof), the classic Kindle Fire, etc ...

    The success of Kindles lies in the fact that they are sold (by Amazon) at a very competitive price and then they are connected to the large Amazon library (Kindle Store) where you can buy books for as little as € 0,99.

    The only (big) limitation of Kindles is that it does not easily digest ebooks of other formats (e.g. ebooks purchased from other Stores or EPUB format) and this often represents a problem for those who want to read an ebook on different e-readers, Kindle included. Even books purchased from the Kindle Store cannot be transferred and read on other e-readers (eg Kobo, Tolino, Nook, etc ..) unless you proceed to remove DRM protection from Kindle books.

    Here, however, we want to focus on another problem, and that is how to connect Kindle to PC or MAC in order to easily manage and transfer data from computer to Kindle and vice versa, export files from Kindle to computer. We have already seen how to connect iPad to computer, read on to find out how to do it with a Kindle. There are two solutions you can try!

    Solution # 1: Connect Kindle to PC or Mac with Kindle Transfer

    Kindle Transfer is a software designed to make life easier for all owners of a Kindle because thanks to it they will be able to:

    1. Transfer ebooks from one Kindle to another
    2. Transfer files from Kindle to PC and Mac
    3. Transfer files from PC / Mac to Kindle
    4. Transfer ebooks between Kindle and KOBO

    The operation of this program is really trivial. First you will need to download it to your PC or Mac from the links below:

    After installation you will see the following splash screen:

    Connect your KINDLE to your computer via USB cable and the software should immediately detect it and show in the central screen all the ebooks already saved in it.

    To transfer books from your Kindle to your computer you will then have to select the ebooks, set as "TargetThe computer and finally click on the button TRANSFER down. Here is an animated gif that shows in detail what is written:

    In the same way you can also transfer books from the comptuer to the Kindle, or from a Kindle to another Kindle or between a Kindle and a KOBO.


    Solution # 2: Connect Kindle to PC or Mac via USB

    If you have books downloaded from the internet and without DRM protection on your PC, you should know that you can transfer books from your computer to the Amazon Kindle via a simple USB connection.

    a) Transfer ebooks from Windows computer to Kindle

    1. Connect the Kindle to the PC via the classic USB cable.
    2. apri File Explorer (from the Windows taskbar)
    3. Click on the item computer o What PC from the left and open your Kindle device.

    4. Click on the folder Documents device (the folder name may vary depending on your Kindle model).
    5. In this folder drag the book in ebook format you want.

    NB: The Kindle supported ebook format mobi, azw, pdf, doc/docx, rtf e txt. EPUBs, which are used on most ereaders are not supported. If you have an EPUB ebook you must necessarily convert it to a format like MOBI (read: how to open EPUB on Kindle)

    b) Transfer ebooks from Mac to Kindle

    1. Connect the Kindle to the Mac via the usb cable.
    2. Open the Kindle device that appears on the desktop.
    3. Access the folder Documents  Device
    4. Drag the books in ebook format compatible with the Kindle into this folder.





    Hi, I wanted to try the second method, but unfortunately if I connect the kindle to the Windows pc, the battery recharging starts and I don't see it from the "File Explorer"

    • Strange, it should look like an external usb drive… try changing the USB port

    How to Connect Kindle to PC or Mac -

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