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    How to Connect Midi Keyboard to PC -

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    Have you got a keyboard (Eg. Roland, Yamaha, Solton, Ketron, etc ...) that you want to exploit by connecting it to your PC and doing various operations? Or are you a karaoke lover and you want connect the keyboard to the PC to use the sounds of it in playing your midi files?

    In this article we see how to connect midi keyboard to PC. What you need are essentially two things:

    1. Connector MIDI-USB to connect keyboard with computer

    2. Software that allows PC and Midi keyboard to communicate

    Guide: How to Connect Midi Keyboard to PC

    First make sure your musical keyboard has MIDI input and output. Once you've verified this, you'll need to get a MIDI-USB cable like the one pictured below:


    Hi, I have a Gem Genesys and I would like to connect it to the pc to sing karaoke. I would like to know the steps. Thanks

  • hi everyone I wanted to know first if my tyros 2 keyboard can be used as a midi source, and then I wanted to know how to configure

  • hi i have a yamaha psr-433 keyboard i would like to connect to the computer to do karaoke.but i can't do it it has only usb input type printer wire.if you can help me.thank you

  • hi I have a keyboard / electric piano without a midi connection but at the same time it has a "kispeed certifed usb tm" connection

  • Good morning,
    I tried to connect a Roland E2 keyboard to the PC with a 500 DIN USB-MIDI cable (in particular to the Kantokaraoke player program) but I can't get the midi backing tracks played by the program to play on the keyboard; on the connection cable the red light turns on but the green one is off.
    Can you tell me how to do it?
    Thank you

  • Greetings. I would like to connect a keyboard to the electrified accordion. What do you recommend? Thanks.

  • the laptop does not see my keyboard. medeli m331. usb type printer cable. I don't remember his name anymore. i would like to register with cubase. the keyboard only has usb. actually there would also be another one. is from '97. slightly ancient ?. there is only the midi in and out. of the medeli I have no cd. sold only with midi cable. what to do?

  • connecting my digital piano to the pc it is recognized but when the sustain pedal is pressed it plays an E instead of carrying out its normal function, what can I do?

    • Think if he gave you the do

  • i have a yamaha psr s 710 keyboard and i can't connect to the internet to run the music finder program

    • If you are unable to connect the keyboard to the internet following the guide on this page ( then I suggest you contact Yamaha support ...

  • Casio CTK-3500: the manufacturer's manual swears that via USB A + B cable the MIDI connection should work (the keyboard is not equipped with classic MIDI plugs). And indeed the procedure described above works until the PC recognizes the keyboard. Except that, once the file is started, nothing can be heard from the keyboard, but only on the PC 🙁

    • to me the same, I have a CASIO CTK-810 keyboard

  • Good afternoon, I have a Roland E 15 keyboard, a little dated, but fully functional. I would like to connect it to the PC but I can't find the drivers for this keyboard ... Is there an alternative if I can't find its drivers? Thanks?

  • Hi I would like to know how to connect a monitor to the Gem wk8 keyboard thanks

    • I would like to save all my bases from the Ketron X1 keyboard to the computer, do I need to get a computer interface cable? To avoid spending a lot of time downloading via floppy

  • Hi I have to connect a p 120 yamaha to an i pad I have the interface and the usb host reducer or and connect a usb midi cable but it does not work, does anyone know if it takes a driver

    • Hi did you put the cable in the out and vice versa? Mine works like this

  • Hi, I bought the aforementioned cable and there is communication between PC and keyboard… But something is wrong: there are latent continuous, random Delay, sometimes it changes the sounds of the library, sustain pedals and so on.
    Now, would anyone be able to tell me the precise settings to connect to Logic Pro X? Because at this point I think I'm wrong with those, otherwise the cable won't work properly… thanks to anyone who answers

  • Hi can I use the usb input of a yamaha keyboard with usb midi connector to a ketron midjay with midi input in and out?

  • i have a casio cdp120 can i connect it to the pc where i would like to install sample tank 3?

  • My midi keyboard (which is actually 15 years old) has only the midi out port. Is it a problem?
    Hello and thanks

  • hi how can I connect a midi keyboard to a dmx management software called control center 2 and has the possibility to execute instructions via midi

    alternatively I can play by means of for example karaoke 5 a midi and the softwer manages the scenes automatically?

  • Hi I have a Roland pc 200 mk2 midi keyboard I downloaded fl studio 11 but I can't get it to work, could you help me?

  • How to Connect Midi Keyboard to PC -

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