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    How to connect PC to karaoke mixer -

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    Karaoke managed through PC programs, such as Kanto Karaoke, is becoming more and more fashionable. The sound card of the PC, however, is often not the best and even the speakers have a basic sound. In this article, we see how to connect the PC to a mixer in order to send the audio of the music to a professional system.

    First of all, two things must be checked:

    1. - mixer audio inputs: there are usually stereo inputs indicated with the LINE IN item prepared for the attachment of two LARGE (6.3mm) JACKS. The new mixers also have the USB audio input, ideal for connecting a computer.
    2. Le computer audio outputs: there is definitely the audio output of the headphones (small 3.5mm jack) and we have the USB ports

    For this guide we made use of the Behringer Xenyx QX mixer which is a cheap mixer (approx. 100Euro, can be purchased from this link) which has the USB input and also has a voice effects section.

    We therefore have two possibilities to connect the PC to the mixer.


    The first possibility is to connect the audio output of the PC to a stereo input of the mixer using the cable small jack (which goes into the headphone jack of the PC) -> large double mono jack that goes into the LINE IN input of the mixer, as shown in the figures below:

    The connection cable can also be purchased online on Amazon for just under 10 euros and with the possibility of choosing different lengths:


    The second possibility for connection, where your mixer supports it, is the connection via USB cable. Just connect a USB port of the PC to the USB port of the mixer (usually on the back of the mixer and with a type B connector, like the input of printers so to speak).

    In this case the PC will automatically install the necessary drivers, but the sound may not be automatically sent to the mixer. In case the sound still comes from the PC speakers, you have to do this:

    • Open the Windows Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel)
    • Go to the Hardware and Sounds -> Audio section
    • Under the Playback tab, check that in addition to the Speakers / Headphones there is the USB device (the LINE) and right click on it and select "Set as default device"



    Good evening everyone ... I have a problem I connected the stereo with the jek lo connected to the mixser and two jek lo connected to the PC .. But it makes a lot of noise and I can't hear the music well

  • Hello, I'm counting on you to solve a small problem ...

    I bought the Behringer QX1832USB mixer… Unfortunately, unlike other mixers, this one does not have the ability to lower / raise the volume of the USB output that comes from the computer and enters the USB socket of the mixer.
    Is there a device that can be connected to the USB socket of the mixer and that allows me to act through a potentiometer or sliders?
    Currently I have to adjust the volume through the icon on the windows bar, next to the clock.
    Thank you.

    • Unfortunately it is a question that can only be answered by those who have that type of mixer, and if they have found that type of "device" ...
      Or it is better to contact the manufacturer who will surely know if it is feasible or not

    • Greetings. Unfortunately, after connecting the mixer and PC via USB cable, only the speakers of the PC appear in the audio section of the control panel. Why?

  • Good morning. I have the logic pro program to make music and record on my computer I would like some clarification on this, because some shopkeepers tell me that there is temporal incompatibility between the three machines, but ,,,, they are shopkeepers, and they offer me new purchases . Before embarking on further expenses, I would like to clarify the possible feasibility of my equipment that I wrote earlier. Thank you.

  • how to connect yamaha 02r mixer with roland octa-capture card and apple pc

  • How it connects to the PC mixer

  • Hello I would like to connect the audio output of the PC (it is a laptop) to a stereo input of the mixer via the jack cable. When I plug the jack into the PC headphone jack, windows 10 asks to select headphone or speaker out. What should I select depending on the fact that the mixer input is LINE IN?

    • You must select "headphones"

  • Hello to all,

    I read the article and it is very interesting especially for the fact that the mixer in question is exactly the same as mine.
    Unfortunately, I too cannot pass the music (whether it is youtube or wa or a song taken from a player) along with the voice and therefore I cannot do karaoke or go in streaming.
    I tried to use jack cables to use the various mixer channels but nothing changes anyway.
    One thing is not clear to me, but if I use the USB to connect the mixer, shouldn't I also use the jack cable to connect it to the audio output?


  • Can you tell me if it is possible to connect the mixer to the Smart TV and listen to everything through an audio video amplifier with its 5.1 speakers?

  • Hello, I have a Focusrite external usb sound card connected to a Behringer 1002FX mixer but not usb. I hear my voice and music in headphones when for example I sing karaoke cover on YouTube, but I don't know how to record with Adacity (if you write that). I don't have a Realtek sound card integrated into the madfe card, so I can't check the stereo mix item. Am I wrong something? I know that I have to connect an audio jack from the pc to the boanca and brawl input of the mixer, but I have tried and it doesn't work. By chance the 3,5 jack must be inserted into the phone input of the pc and then be able to stay, or does it not center anything?
    Thanks if there is anyone who will answer.

  • Hi, I have an ALTO mixer, would there be the possibility to connect it to the pc without wires?

  • I would like to connect my karaoke to the pc to read the lyrics and have the backing track since I don't have the CDs… .how can I do? Is there a connector?

    • It depends on what you want to connect… if it has the ability to be connected to the computer

  • hi, i have a xenyx 1002 fx mixer, i wanted to do some karaoke, but i couldn't. only the microphone audio works on the mixer, but as for the music that should come out of the computer, I don't hear anything. the cables are good I checked them with the tester. what and what I don't do. thank you all for any replies.


  • hello I need help, I have a mixer (Behringer 1202 fx), and after connecting the speakers (I try the microphone, the volume works fine) I have a problem with the pc: I connect the cable to the 11/12 output of the mixer and to the pc (headphone jack) but despite having all the volumes at maximum you can hear it very quietly, where am I wrong ????
    thanks to those who can help me

  • I would not like that I connect it with the HDMI cable then the audio ends up on the monitor and I exclude the audio output of the PC and I would have to move the TV output cable to the input of the mixer and I would not like qst. I just want the monitor to play the PC video only and the PC audio output to be connected as it is now to the mixer

  • Hello I should connect the PC to a monitor or with an HDMI or VGA cable but the PC audio output is already connected to the mixer. Which is better to use? To then remove the audio from the TV, do I turn it down?

    • Hi I bought a proel karaoke system with the behringer mixer but as soon as I put the small jack on the pc or tablet the pc turns off the tablet freezes, what can it be, after I have spent I can only sing with the phone, the latter it works!!!

  • and then the microphone where should I put it?

  • In my pc, connecting the headphone output to the mixer as described above leads to terrible background noises. it is possible to manage the audio outputs from the pc through the usb port and go to the mixer through an electronics that prepares the sound for the mixer.

  • Hi I connected the PC to the mixer with USB cable but the music is not heard I did as you explain in the article sounds the default DX key tell me how to do it thanks.

    • Check that the connection from the mixer to the speakers is also done correctly

    • Good day, I have another problem, the mixer in the picture is a xenyx qh 1002 mine is a xenyx x2222USB just purchased so in the experimental phase before performing to the public.
      Buying this mixer I had a nasty surprise: the pc I connected it to the USB port while the microphone to the input of an XLR channel. the problem is that if you hear the music you can't hear the voice from the headphones one must exclude it, I state that the microphone cable is balanced and in perfect condition tested with a behringer ct100. if you can help me I would be really grateful. Thanks greetings, Giuseppe

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