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    How to Transfer Files from Mobile to PC and Mac (or vice versa) -

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    Who owns a cellular, or rather a "smartphone", sooner or later finds himself with the need to have it connect to your computer (PC or Mac) in order to transfer files from mobile to computer or vice versa transfer files from the computer to the device. On ours blog we have already written dozens of guides and articles that give some tips on how to connect your mobile phone to your computer to make it recognized correctly and to be able to manage all data safely.

    As you probably already know, every model and brand of mobile phone has an associated "official" software with which it should be able to communicate with the computer in order to transfer files of all kinds. The problem, however, is that these software offered by the manufacturers of the various devices do not always work and are compatible only with those specific phones. If you have more than one mobile phone in your family (which is likely to be), perhaps even of different brands and operating systems (e.g. two Android mobile phones such as Samsung Galaxy and LG, and an iPhone mobile phone), you should have 3 different programs to manage data of the 3 phones from the computer. This thing is certainly not feasible.

    A simple, fast and reliable solution for those looking for a "universal" way to manage and transfer files from mobile to PC / Mac (regardless of the model and brand of the device) is to use a software such as TunesGO. Let's see below how it works.

    Transfer Files between Mobile and PC / Mac with TunesGO

    TunesGO is a program that is characterized by its compatibility with practically ALL the devices Android e iOS (iPhone). Thanks to this program you can easily transfer files between mobile and computer (both Windows and MacOS), without more puzzles and without even having to search and install the "drivers" of the mobile phone itself.

    First you need to download and install the program on your computer. Here are the links to download the version Free demo by TunesGO:



    I downloaded the TunesGO demo and I have to admit it's a really nice program. In the family we have several devices both iOS and Android ... I can buy a single license of TunesGO to manage all these devices (there are 6 in all). Thanks for the reply

    • Yes, by purchasing a TunesGO license it is possible to install the program on a computer and connect to it all the devices you want to transfer files between mobile phone and computer without limits of any kind.

    How to Transfer Files from Mobile to PC and Mac (or vice versa) -

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