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    How to Watch H265 Movies on PC and Mac -

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    H.265 o High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is a standard of video compression designed for the latest generation of video ad high resolution. It is the successor to the widely used H.264 codec (also called AVC or MPEG-4 Part 10) and offers some major improvements over this outdated compression scheme. H.265 was developed by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC), a group of video coding experts who began work on the compression standard in 2010.

    This new standard supports data compression by 25 to 50% with the same video quality, resulting in higher coding efficiency. Undoubtedly, H.265 enjoys the attention of many, including online streaming providers, video players and software developers.

    H.265 is intended for higher resolution video playback, including 8K / 4K and offers truly superb picture quality. But below we will focus on how to play H.265 videos on your favorite media player and then on your computer (Windows or Mac). Apparently there aren't many software (video players) that allow you to vedere film H.265 on your computer without problems.


    Blu-Ray Player is software that, as its name suggests, allows you to play Blu-ray discs and movies on your computer (Windows or Mac). But in addition to supporting Blu-ray playback, this program also acts as a powerful and free “video player” capable of playing any video format, including H.265 videos. All video formats, such as MP4, H.264 / MP4 AVC, H.265 / HEVC, MPG, M4V, TS, MTS, M2TS, MXF, RM, RMVB, WMV, ASF, MKV, AVI, 3GP, F4V, FLV and VOB are highly supported. You can also use this player as a free 4K / HD video player as it supports playing 4K videos in MP4, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC, H.265 / HEVC, TS, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV and WebM formats.

    Download the DEMO version free Blu-Ray Player on your Windows PC or Mac OS X from the following buttons:


    Compatible with Windows Vista 7/8/10 & Mac OS X> 10.7

    After downloading and installing Blu-ray Player you will see this initial window:

    By clicking on the button OPEN FILE you can immediately select the H265 movie and start its playback. During playback you will have all the controls that a video player must have and you will be able to better adjust the video settings.

    #2. VLC

    Se VLC is your favorite media player, then you are in luck. From version 3.0 and later, the H.265 codec can be played without any additional support package. There are a lot of websites that offer H.265 support for VLC, but as mentioned it is not needed as it is already incorporated in the latest versions.

    By installing the latest version of VLC you will be able to play H.265 videos as shown below. VLC is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Apple TV, GNU / Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

    # 3. Windows Media Player

    If VLC is fully compatible with H.265, Windows Media Player (WMP) requires some tweaking to be able to play this kind of video. A blank screen usually appears if you try to play H.265 video over WMP.

    The good thing is that you can install H.265 codecs with WMP, applying the same principle that applies to other media players. Go to this website to integrate WMP with an advanced codec pack.

    During the installation, you will be able to see the new codecs including HEVC which will thus be supported by WMP. Don't forget to deselect unrelated adware, browsers, and software, as there will be several offered during installation.

    Once installed, you will be able to play and see movie H265 with Windows Media Player without problems!

    #4. DivX Player

    DivX Player it does not directly support H.265 format. An error screen appears as shown below. However, just disabling hardware decoding will solve the problem. This will not affect the quality of H.265 videos as the purpose of hardware acceleration is to reduce the CPU load. If you have a good graphics card in your PC, you won't have any problems.

    Once this change is made you will be able to open H.265 videos on DivX players without further reminder to disable hardware encoding.

    #5. KM Player

    Similar to VLC, KM Player is an extremely advanced player and handles H.265 directly. KM Player supports 4K, 8K and 60FPS and there are no ads unlike in the past. With the latest version for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, you will be able to play H.265 videos smoothly.

    With H.265 you get the best visual quality whether you are watching a movie, playing a game or doing a multicast. It offers you the best to transfer the small screen experience to the big screen. Currently, very few cameras support 8K, which means that for the time being H.265 will remain the standard for video compression for a few years.

    How to Watch H265 Movies on PC and Mac -

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