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    Manage and Connect Moto G / Moto Z to PC or Mac -

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    Motorola smartphones in recent times are regaining the trust of many customers thanks to the latest models released on the market. The devices M e Moto Z they are among the latest made by Motorola and are characterized by high technology and good quality materials.

    If you have a Moto G or Moto Z mobile phone, you will most likely be looking for a “PC Suite” software with which you can manage and connect the Moto G / Moto Z to your computer (PC or Mac). Managing the data of your smartphone on your computer is a very useful operation especially if you want to make backups of your data to avoid accidental deletion of them.

    One software that we recommend using to manage the Moto G and Moto Z to your PC or Mac, it definitely is TunesGO. This program, compatible with both iOS and Android devices, will allow you to detect the Moto G / Moto Z connected via USB to your computer and manage photos, videos, music, and other files on your mobile.

    Download TunesGO, demo version, for PC and Mac from the following links:


    Here is the initial screen of the program:

    Now connect your Moto G or Moto Z to your PC / Mac via a USB cable

    The TunesGO program will ask you to activate USB Debugging on your Moto G / Z so that it can be detected. Once this is done you will see the image of the Moto G or Moto Z in the program screen:

    Now you can manage your Motorola data from your PC / Mac in a simple and intuitive way. In fact, by clicking on the category of data to be managed at the top, you can proceed with the import, export or removal of photos, videos, music files, etc…

    From the "Information”You can also manage the contacts directory and SMS. A very good function is for example the one that allows you to remove duplicate contacts, in order to have a clean and tidy address book.

    By accessing the tab instead EXPLORE you can analyze and view all the files present in the internal memory of your Moto G / Z and also those present on the SD card

    What are you waiting for? Download and try TunesGO for free! Managing your Moto G / Moto Z from your PC / Mac will be much easier and more effective.





    Manage and Connect Moto G / Moto Z to PC or Mac -

    Audio Video Manage and Connect Moto G / Moto Z to PC or Mac -
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