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    iTunes is the official software that Apple offers its users to allow them to manage device data from the computer. Among the main functions in iTunes there is certainly that of backup and restore data, very useful in case of problems with the iOS device or iPhone change, and the "Store”Which allows you to buy music and download them directly to your iPhone. Over the years, however, iTunes has been renewed very little, always maintaining the usual unintuitive interface and the usual synchronization and data management features of the iPhone. This poor "update" obviously also affected the stability of the software and its features: it is no coincidence that many iOS users find problems with itunes.

    Among the most common problems encountered with iTunes we can mention the following (already analyzed in detail in ad hoc articles):

    • Error 0xe8000084 iTunes won't connect to iPhone
    • Error iTunes could not connect with iPhone
    • iPhone not recognized by iTunes

    If you too have problems with iTunes or are fed up with having to use iTunes for synchronize and transfer files between iPhone and computer (considering that iTunes does not allow you to transfer all data freely), then it is time to change software and try a program like TunesGO that we are going to analyze below.

    Manage iPhone Without iTunes on PC and Mac

    With TunesGO it's possible manage iPhone without iTunes, on both Windows and MacOS computers. It is a program compatible not only with iOS devices but also with Android, so if in the family there are both iOS and Android phones, with this program you can manage the data of all devices.

    But the real strength of this program lies in its ease of use and very intuitive interface. It is considered by many to be the best alternative to iTunes precisely for this ease of use and for the many functions present in it such as. Here are the main functions of TunesGO

    1. Management of any type of file between computer, iphone and iTunes: photos, music, playlists, videos, podcasts, contacts, sms, audiobooks and more
    2. Backup and restore data in one click
    3. Reconstruction iTunes library
    4. Transfer data between two devices (iOS / Android)
    5. Photo / video / audio management in an intuitive and user-friendly way (import, export, remove, etc ...)
    6. Management contacts, SMS messages and applications from PC

    It is possible to download the demo version (free) of TunesGO for Windows or TunesGO for Mac from the following buttons:


    After installation, just connect the iPhone to the computer via USB cable to start managing it, without iTunes:

    As you can see from the figure above you will have all the data well organized in the different sections and in the Home of the program, on the right, there will be some quick functions you can use, such as "Backup Photos on PC" which allows you to download photos from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

    In addition to the management of music files, videos, photos, contacts and SMS, by accessing the section Explore of the program you will be able to see all the system files on the iPhone and manage those too.

    Finally, the section should be mentioned TOOLBOX which contains new, very interesting features such as the one that allows create animated GIFs starting from the photos / videos on the iPhone, the function to transfer the contents between two iOS / Android devices, backup & restore function, etc ...



    Manage iPhone Without iTunes on PC and Mac -

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