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    Mirror or Extend PC Screen to Smart TV via Wi-Fi -

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    Judit Llordes

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    The vast majority of those who want to duplicate or extend their PC screen to a TV use a simple one HDMI cable and then from the TV options select the HDMI signal to display the desktop on the large television screen.

    But for those who own a PC and a latest generation Smart TV there is another way, certainly more convenient and faster for duplicate or extend PC screen on TV: without cables and all in Wi-Fi mode. All this is possible if your TV has INTEL WIDI (Wireless Display) technology. To check if there is this function on your smart TV just access the settings and you should see an option like "Miracast / Intel’s WiDi"

    After setting this option to ON, make sure both the TV and your PC are under the same Wi-Fi network and then from your computer follow these simple steps:

    1. In the case of Windows 10 click in the lower right corner (where there is the comic iona) to open the "notification center" and select the function PROJECT

    2. The following screen will open in which you will have to choose the type of projection to be done (only PC screen, duplication of the screen, extension of the PC screen ...) and then click on "Connect to Wireless Display"

    3. At this point you will see the name of your Smart TV appear. Click on it and after a few seconds you will see the desktop of your PC appear on the screen of your Smart TV!

    That's it!

    If your smart TV, or your PC, does not support this Inter Widi or Miracast technology, do not despair because you can still solve the problem by reading this article: how to stream video from PC to TV over Wi-Fi



    I tried the procedure at my sister TV Panasonic Viera's house, at the first attempt everything was perfect, (projects screen / gave ok to the TV for connection) immediate connection, then I turned off everything to make her repeat the steps, they can no longer connect, message on both tv and pc "connection in progress" but it is not successful, not even with my surface go you can
    fed up with so many tests we brought his pc to my house, Sony Bravia TV, everything is fine, connected, switched on and off 2 times no problem

  • Good evening, the pc connects to the TV… .but the mouse goes on its own like the keyboard… I can't move the mouse and the keyboard anymore… .how do I solve this problem?

  • Hi, I wanted to do exactly the opposite, that is, Mirror (Smart) TV Screen to PC
    It's possible?
    I have not found anything on the net
    Thanks so much

    • No, it's not possible

  • Like Osy: I have W10. After finding the wireless screen in the Notification Center, the TV asks me to enter a security code in the PC to establish the connection… I cannot find in the PC where to enter this code. Can you tell me where to insert it please?
    I can't find the answer anywhere despite days of searching !!! Thanks for help!

    • Each device has a unique password so it is not possible that others can tell you. To find out you need to know the IP address of your connection plus the network address of the device. At this point, press the assigned key twice and you will read a value equal to 01. Now go to Regedit> hkey_current_config and ... ATTENTION:
      how wrong a comma you risk sending the whole machine into a tailspin. I don't know if you are practical or not, but when in doubt I prefer not to suggest maneuvers with the risk of destroying everything. Hello

  • Hi, I would like to duplicate the screen from my desktop pc to my laptop. With the bluetooth function, does it work? Also, if it goes, can I use both keyboards at the same time? Thanks

  • I followed the instructions, but the name of the TV does not appear but I can easily connect with the mirror to the phone. If I choose only the tv only option, the pc screen turns off but nothing on the tv. I tried to have the research done on TV too…. they can not be found

  • I have windows 10 and a sony smart tv, I have carried out the operations… Project - second screen only - connect to wirless screen…. it detects the sony tv and CONNECTS. However, I have noticed that the projected images are delayed and sometimes freeze. what can it depend on?

    • It depends on the wireless connection… or some interference.

  • I have W10. After finding the wireless screen in the Notification Center, the TV asks me to enter a security code in the PC to establish the connection, such as the one required by Bluetooth connections. I can't find in the PC where to enter this code. Can you tell me where to insert it please?

  • I would like to know if the reverse process is possible, broadcasting from TV to PC

  • Unfortunately I have Windows 7 ultimate
    I worked USB wireless adapter on the PC. I have miracast on the smarttivu TV. I connect the mobile phone but not the PC. How can I fix the problem the wireless network is working and active on both TV and PC devices.
    I leave email
    Thank you in advance

  • hello win 10 and samsung smart tv the pc is connected via cable to the modem how can i share desktop?

  • I have Windows 10, I have Smart TVs, they are both connected to the network, but…. I don't see the PROJECTS icon in the Windows 10 options

  • On the tv I have the image not extended or not in full screen solutions?

  • with windows7 how to do it?

  • I can see the video projected from the laptop to the smart TV, but I can hear the audio from the pc. how do i activate the sound of the smart tv?

  • Hi, I'm Gianni and if possible I would like to expose the following problem:
    At the beginning of January 2018 I purchased a latest generation Asus i7 Note Book with Windows 10 OS.
    I own a full hd Samsung Smart TV from 2012.
    There is no way to project PC screen to TV via hdmi cable.
    With the old PC it worked fine.
    The TV screen reads "unsupported mode change external source resolution".
    I have tried them all….
    Thank you


  • on my pc, with windows 10, i don't have wireless screen transmission… what can i do?

    • Try to see if you have “Project” or some other similar entry. If not, that function is not supported by your computer

  • Hello everyone, I have a Sony Bravia KS55X85 4K smarth tv has the mirror tv option I tried to project
    the pc screen guys a bad thing an exaggerated latency but is it normal? but if I use the other option, the one that I transmit the single file (transmit on device) then everything is ok ..

  • I have a Toshiba smart TV with INTEL-WiDi technology. I do everything as you said, I connect perfectly (so says the PC) but the TV screen is all black and you can't see anything.

    • Try changing your PC screen resolution

  • Hello I would like to connect my desktop pc (connected via ethernet) to the TV connected in WIFI, how can I do it?

  • when I click on "transmit" the options appear but not the link "Connect to Wireless Display"

    • The Wireless screens and audio devices to connect to should appear directly.

  • I have windows 10, I go to project, connect to a wireless screen, in the meantime I activate the screen share from my TV in active listening mode, selecting miracast / intel WiDi but does not find it anyway. I can not understand..

  • what if i don't have windows 10 (windows xp)

    • Try taking a look at this other article:

      • In case I would like to transmit the PC screen on two Smart TVs via WIFI, is there a procedure that allows it or some device that allows you to do so?
        1 PC on 2 TVs via Wi-Fi

    • Good evening if I am connected to zoom you see that I have 2 videos connected even if I just type the password? Thank you

      • On 2 TVs you have to use a cable signal splitter, the wifi even if 5ghz would struggle to manage 2 receivers, already 1 is not very stable.

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