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    When it comes to "chronology”The first thing that comes to mind is the web history that is the one stored by the various browsers (internet explorer, microsoft edge, google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, safari, etc…) with all the websites visited more or less recently. In fact, in addition to this history there is also that of the PC, that is, all the activities we do and all the files we open are tracked and stored also in our computer.

    To protect your privacy, therefore, it is not enough to go and permanently delete your internet history but you must also go to remove all traces from the PC. For example, if we access the internet to view photos or videos, these multimedia files will be tracked and stored on our computer.

    To permanently delete history from your PC, a program we recommend using is Wise Cleaner. As the name itself implies, it is a tool capable of thorough cleaning on our computer by removing history files, caches, cookies, useless files, etc. In addition to protecting your privacy, you will also get benefits from the point of view of PC performance that will be leaner and faster.

    How to Permanently Delete History from PC with Wise Care 365

    Wise Care 365 is a set of tools that can clean your PC in order to optimize its performance and protect your privacy. Click on the button below to download:

    Main screen of the program after installation:

    Click on CHECK IT OUT to make a first check of the status of your PC and of your personal data at risk of privacy. After the check below, the traces detected and the data at risk for your privacy will appear. By clicking on CLEAN you can already do a good cleaning and remove traces from the PC.

    However, to do a more thorough cleaning and permanently delete history (of any kind) from your PC click on the section at the top PRIVACY PROTECTION. This screen will open:

    In this section you can see all the data stored in the conology of your PC:

    1. History of images displayed while surfing the internet
    2. Video history viewed or downloaded from the internet
    3. History of files opened on the computer
    4. History of sites visited while browsing the internet

    After the scan you will see the number of items for each of the 4 types of history described above. Finally click on CLEANING to proceed to final removal of all this sensitive data!

    That's all! What are you waiting for to protect your privacy? Download and try Wise Care 365.

    Alternative Solution to Erase PC Tracks

    Gilisoft Privacy Protector, as the name implies, is another good software solution to protect your privacy. In addition to hiding or blocking access to files or folders with private data on your PC, this program also has a function that can erase any track or activity recorded by the computer (even on the web).

    After installing it and opening it on your PC, just access the section ERASE HISTORY and here you can permanently delete all traces of activity left on Windows, on the various applications and programs, and also all the Internet history:

    The function is also very interesting SAFE DELETE which instead allows you to safely and permanently delete any type of file or folder or entire disk from your computer (to make it unrecoverable).


    Permanently Delete History from PC -

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