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    Everyone is aware that when files are deleted from the hard drive via Windows, the files first end up in the basket. And they also know that by deleting them from the recycle bin, Windows no longer sees those files anywhere.

    What not everyone knows is that even in this way there is no certainty that the files have really disappeared from the PC. Indeed, the certainty that one has is the exact opposite, in that no files are actually deleted from the hard disk. Windows makes the space blank, but the file remains hidden there until a subsequent rewrite of the sectors in which it is located.

    So if we find that we have mistakenly deleted files, we avoid writing large files on the hard disk and immediately use a data recovery software. Fortunately, there are several deleted file recovery able to meet us. In this guide we will analyze some of the best deleted data recovery programs, able to scan every single cell of the PC memory and recover everything that is still recoverable.

    #1. Recoverit

    The first software solution we want to point out is called Wondershare Recoverit. It is a software developed by one of the most popular software houses in the world and is characterized by its high effectiveness in recovering data deleted from the computer. It supports both Windows based computers and macOS systems. Below we will analyze the use of Recoverit for recover deleted files from a Windows PC, but it works the same if you have a Mac.

    Follow the steps below carefully to start recovering your files right away with this powerful program.

    Step 1: Download and install the Recoverit. You can download the Windows or Mac version from the buttons below:


    The version that you will download and install is a free demo version with which you will be able to see all the files that are still recoverable from your computer. In fact, at the end of the scan you will be able to see the preview of the recoverable data, divided by category or path.

    Step 2: Once you have done the installation of Recoverit you will be able to start it. The following main screen will open showing all the disks connected to your PC.

    Step 3: From the program interface you will be able to choose the disk to be analyzed (that is where you deleted the files). It can be disk C: or disk D: or even an external disk connected to the computer (eg USB key or external hard disk).

    There are also other very interesting options that you can select, based on the situation you are in and the type of data recovery you intend to do. Here are what these options are:

    • Trash can (if you have already removed and / or emptied files from the PC recycle bin)
    • Formatted disk recovery (if you have formatted your computer)
    • Partition lost or deleted
    • Computer in crash (if you have a PC that won't boot or stuck on the Windows blue screen)
    • Video Repair (if by chance you have recovered deleted video files but they are damaged and unplayable)

    Step 4: After selecting the disk to be analyzed, you can start scanning and analyzing the memory by clicking on the button below "IT BEGINS".

    Step 5: The program will proceed with scanning the disk (internal or external) for the files that you have lost or deleted and that you desperately want to recover. The first scan that will be done by the program will be fast enough and will immediately show the first files found.

    Take a look at the files found by Recoverit by browsing the folders on the left (which can be categorized by file type or for file path). This way you will be able to understand if the files you are looking for (documents, photos, videos or other) have been found and are recoverable. There is also a preview function (which works on some types of files) that allows you to understand the recovery status of the file itself (good or corrupt).

    If by any chance you don't find the files you are looking for, don't despair because Recoverit also offers a “deeper” scan. Click on “Full recovery” at the bottom left to start this other type of scan

    The "deep" scan may take several hours but will surely find many more files than the "standard" scan. At the end, the preview screen of the found files will open again and you can search for what you want.

    Step 6. If you have finally found the files you were looking for (we really hope so) just select them and then click at the bottom right on Recover. The files can then be saved on your computer (we suggest you save them on a different disk than the recovery one).

    With Recoverit you will have over 90% chance of recovering what you are looking for, not surprisingly it is defined by many as one of the best data recovery programs and also an excellent PC photo recovery software.

    #2. Data Recovery

    Data Recovery is another software that can recover documents, photos, videos and other files that you have accidentally deleted from your computer. You can download the free demo version from the button below:

    NB: If you have a Mac go to Data Recovery for Mac

    When you start the program a wizard will show you what the program is able to recover, you just have to click on NEXT at the bottom right to start.

    In the first window you will have to select the type of file to recover: "Photo", "Audio", "Documents" (to find the Office suite files for example) "Email" or "Other" (zip, rar, etc ... ) ...

    After choosing what to recover, you need to tell the program where those files were.

    We can select a specific partition, an external USB stick, in the Recycle Bin (if the files have recently been deleted from the recycle bin), etc ...

    Clicking on SCAN Quick Scan will start. At the end of this scan you can also start a Deep Scan which on the other hand will be very slow but will find many more files!

    Once the scan is finished, just put a check on the files to be recovered and then click on RECOVER and the game will be done!

    One important thing is that you have to save the files to a different disk than the original one where the files were located.

    The file types that can be recovered with this program are over 500. Just to name a few, here are some types of files that can be recovered with Data Recovery: JPEG photos, Word, Excel, PPT documents, ZIP, RAR archives, HTML pages, Emails, Videos (AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV), MP3 audio files, and many others ...

    #3. Recurva

    Recurva is a data recovery program developed by Piriform. It was probably one of the first software of this kind to appear on the web and has allowed many users to recover important data from their computer. Recuva can recover files deleted from your PC and which have been marked as free space by the operating system.

    The program interface is very clear and intuitive. Immediately after installation, simply select the disk to be analyzed at the top and then click on the right on "Scan”To start scanning.

    This data recovery software is available in free version and can work with hard drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, MP3 players and other storage devices supported by file systems FAT: e NTFS. The app is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions for Windows PCs. After the developer joined a larger company, the app has unfortunately no longer been updated but is still functional.

    Recuva is available in installable form and portatile. The portable version has the advantage of not having to risk the possibility of overwriting the data still present on a hard drive, and therefore losing extra megabytes due to its own implementation. However, some functions of Recuva are present only in the "premium" version, so it is not totally free (as it used to be).

    sorry so much but I have no password or anything like that on the pc

    • No passwords are needed to recover deleted files from your PC. Just install the program, start the scan and do the data recovery.

  • i reset my windows 10 pc and lost all photos and more

    • With a Data Recovery scan it is possible to recover data even after a Windows restore.

  • It worked great for me too. If it had been free it would have been better .. but I can't complain as he did his duty very well.

  • great! thanks, other programs did not find anything, while this one worked.

  • great program

  • Recover Deleted Files from PC Easily and Free -

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