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    A few months ago we wrote an article on how to download the "hit" songs of the summer and it was very appreciated by our users because it allowed so many people to create a playlist with the updated songs of the summer moment. In this article we want to talk more generally about how to download the songs of the moment, regardless of the period, on a Windows or Mac computer, exploiting the potential of two excellent programs.

    AudioDownloader e iMusic are two software that base all its operation on the powerful search engine of Youtube. Any song you are looking for is certainly present on Youtube in the form of a music video. This applies not only to songs from recent years, but also to older songs because over time many users have collected their music collections and created music videos from them to upload them to Youtube and make them available to everyone.

    Each period of the year has its own song of the moment. Regardless of whether it is August XNUMXth, Christmas, Easter, spring or winter, summer or autumn, there are always songs that characterize that period in a particular way and that allow us to better "fix" memories and our experiences. Often a simple song of the moment becomes a song that lasts forever in our memories, precisely because it manages to give a unique "color" and "feeling".

    But let's get to the point. How do you download the songs of the moment? How do you download the best songs of the current year or of the year just ended? We have already said that on Youtube you can find everything, but by itself it is not enough because you also need the help of the iMusic program.

    How to Download Songs of the Moment on PC / Mac

    Here is how the two programs mentioned above work to download your favorite songs of the moment.

    #1. Allavsoft Downloader

    Allavsoft Downloader is a program that can download songs from Spotify and Youtube. This is a great advantage as it allows you to more easily search for songs or playlists to download. Its use is really trivial.

    To get started install Audio Downloader on your Windows PC or Mac from the buttons below:


    After installation this window will open:

    The following figure describes the simple 3 steps to follow to start downloading the songs you want:

    If you want to download songs of the moment from Spotify go to and once you have found the song (or playlist) click with the right mouse button and then select Share -> “Copy link address"

    Then go back to Allavsoft and paste that link and then proceed with the download

    You can then proceed to download all the songs individually or by clicking on ALL when downloading songs from a playlist. All downloaded songs will be accessible by clicking on the button of the top folder.

    Same exact thing can be done by fetching the song links from Spotify. Go to its and search for the song to download (or playlist). Once you have found the song, click with the right mouse button and then click on "Copy track link"As shown in the figure below:

    Paste the link into Allavsoft and click the download button.

    NB: The demo version of Allavsoft allows the download of up to 5 songs.

    # 2. iMusic

    iMusic is currently another of the best programs for downloading music from the Internet.

    First download, install and run iMusic on your computer (Windows or MacOS). What you will download is a version of free trial which will allow you to try the program although there are some limitations on the number of downloadable songs.


    After installing and starting the program you will see this splash screen:

    From the initial screen of the program you can browse Youtube to search for songs of the moment, often present in the form of a music playlist. Searching for "Songs of the moment" you will see different results appear with songs, playlists and music albums of the moment. In particular you will find many MUSICAL CLASSIFICATIONS with the music hits of the moment in ascending or descending order based on their popularity at the moment.

    Right-click on one of these results, for example on a playlist that contains the songs you want to download. Click on COPY LINK.

    At this point, from the top of the program click on the menu DOWNLOAD and paste the url in the field in the center of the program:

    Press the button DOWNLOAD to the right of the box and a window will automatically open with the list of all the songs in that playlist.

    Here is a summary of the 3 steps just described in the following figure:

    Choose the songs of the moment to download and press down on DOWNLOAD to proceed with downloading the tracks in MP3 format.

    The download speed is really impressive. And at the end of the download you will be able to see all the songs in the LIBRARY section of the program.

    From this "library" you can also select songs and transfer them directly to your smartphone and tablet. Just connect the device (iOS or Android) to the computer via USB and then select the songs with the right mouse button and click on the option "Add to… -> device"

    That's all! Try downloading the hits of the moment too, or the ranking of the TOP 100 songs of the moment. Have a good listening and have fun!


    Software to Download Songs of the Moment on PC / Mac -

    Audio Video Software to Download Songs of the Moment on PC / Mac -
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