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    This program is not limited to just optimize the system but it offers information about the PC, looks for errors in the registry and there repairs quickly. It is the ideal application for those who are not very experienced with computers and are looking for a solution for its maintenance and optimization at the software level. Even if the program is not in your language, no problem: all you have to do is start the scan and click on the button CLEAN UP to repair and speed up your PC.

    Most slow computers are affected by several hidden mistakes in Windows. Before starting to become slow, the first symptoms are represented by momentary freezes of the computer but in the end real sudden crashes occur which are also the cause of very important data loss!

    Wise Care is the utility that allows you to fix these errors in order to get your PC back to run like new. With it you will be able to automatically diagnose and fix PC slowdowns, clean PC from junk files, optimize computer performance, speed up your PC, solve system blocking and crashing problems, safeguard your privacy, etc ...
    To get a fast, stable and secure PC right away, all you need is 1 click! Download the free demo version now:

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    Support Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP

     Speed ​​up PC and Internet

    Wise Care improves the performance of your PC and network by fixing all those problems that cause your computer to slow down and your internet connection. This tool fine-tunes system settings for maximum performance. Here's what it does in detail:

    - Make the registry cleaning, removes redundancy in the registry and repairs errors in it.

    – Configure and reduces startup time PC, identifies and removes hidden and / or unnecessary programs from Windows startup

    - Solves all the problems that slow down your computer

    - Optimize and speed up the connection internet.

    Fix PC Errors

    Wise Care it accurately diagnoses the health of the system and makes the computer healthy, stable and faster by fixing all the errors present in it. In detail:

    - Make one thorough scan to check the health of the Windows system.

    - Automatically diagnoses and generates a detailed report with the problems encountered and potential risks.

    - Correct mistakes computer, repair DLL file not found errors or Windows registry errors to make your system more stable.

    Prevents Crash and PC Freeze

    Definitely solves many problems e repairs conflicts and misconfigurations in order to avoid sudden crashes (or freezes) of the Windows system.

    - Instantly fix PC errors.

    - Scan and fix errors in the Windows registry.

    - Optimize system parameters and configurations to get the most out of your PC

    Protects your Internet Privacy & Security

    - Clear history in browser doing a cleanup in IE, Chrome and Firefox. This cleanup includes removing cookies, self-completing data, recently used URL addresses, temporary internet files.

    - Delete cookies related to startup, removes hidden or unnecessary programs that run automatically when Windows starts (causing slow startup).

    - Clean Windows history deleting recent activities carried out on the computer and stored traces such as Clipboard, Windows & System temporary files, Memory dumps, etc ...

    - Prevents attack by viruses, Trojans, and spyware

    - Permanently delete private files from your PC (with the "destroy files" function)

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    Screenshots Wise Care 365

    Initial program screen:

    Report after scan:

    Windows Registry Cleaner:

    PC Cleaner to free up disk space:

    Windows optimization:

    Disk defragmentation:

     Windows registry defragmentation:

    Faster Windows startup:

    Privacy protection and destruction of sensitive files:

    System hardware & software info detection:

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